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Saving Elephants

herd of elephants passing via right close up

A recent exhibition from Alwyn Coates.

Today on earth… more elephants are killed each year than there are born. One elephant is shot every fifteen minutes. Amboseli now has less than 2000 elephants, of which only five are mature bulls of breeding age. If nothing changes it is estimated that all elephants will be extinct in the wild within 20 years.

These facts have motivated photographer Alwyn Coates to try and help slow the tide of time for one of our most magnificent mammals. His Saving The Elephants exhibition will be taking place from 12th Jan 2016 at The Union Club, London.

The proceeds from sales of Alwyn’s elephant images at the exhibition will go to the Born Free Foundation to use on anti-poaching initiatives via Alwyn is part of Wildlife Photographers United. They have collaborated on a book titled Remembering Elephants, scheduled for release in September 2016. It was launched on Kick Starter and became one of the fastest funding projects ever released. When Alwyn is not photographing Africa’s wildlife he is a fashion and advertising photographer based in London. You can see his work at Alwyn would like to thank everyone at The Union Club for supporting Saving Elephants. mobile: 07850 881927