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How to get the best from your T-shirt printing


Many options are offered by Soho Print Store when it comes to t-shirt printing, and depending on the outcome you are looking for it is worth considering which these will work best for you. There are also some things you can do to help ensure a great outcome, in terms of how you supply your files to us.

Direct to garment printing uses CMYK ink printed straight onto the fabric, and this technique works best with images. Make sure any images you supply direct or upload to our t-shirt printing website ( are set to size within the correct dimensions and are high resolution 300dpi – if you supply a low quality file this will affect the end result and your image will appear pixelated. All direct to garment printing is printed on 100% cotton t-shirts.

During the vinyl printing process, the design is cut in vinyl and heat transferred onto the fabric, which can be either cotton or man-made. This specialised printing technique gives a very sharp look, which is ideal for logos, and can be used for a large range of colours. When supplying your artwork for vinyl printing, be sure to make sure your artwork is outlined in illustrator, as we can’t cut out a jpeg!

With transfer printing, ink is firstly printed onto vinyl and then cut to shape. The next stage involves it being heat transferred onto either cotton or man-made fabrics. This printing method is best for multi-coloured artwork as it can use a full spectrum of colours, so it is a great choice for printing more detailed logos and artwork onto t-shirts.

So what are you waiting for? Design and order your t-shirt online today.